Know more about the guidelines for Single Window Clearance of the Telecom infrastructure deployments in the state of West Bengal.

The Single Window Clearance System for telecom infrastructure deployments facilitate applicant/s to seek No Objection Certificate (NOC) by filling a Common Application Form (CAF), along with requested documents (in a prescribed formats) and online payment for any Telecom deployment requests for laying underground and/ or above ground Telegraph Infrastructure.

The documents to be submitted by Telecom Service Providers/Infrastructure Providers (TSP/ISP) for obtaining clearance from Local Bodies/State Governments for Telecom infrastructure deployments are listed below:

  • Copy of relevant License/Infrastructure Provider Registration Certificate from Department of Telecommunication.
  • Data Sheet
    • Name of Service / Infrastructure Provider
    • Location
    • Tower Reference
  • Copy of No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Building Owner/Entities having rooftop rights or rooftop tenants in case of roof-based tower/landowner in case of ground-based tower/landowner in case of the ground-based tower, as the case may be. As per their rules in force, State Governments, at their discretion, may seek fresh NOC at the time of renewal of site (tenancy) contract for a mobile tower.
  • Copy of structural stability certificate for a ground-based tower. In case of rooftop BTS towers, structural stability certificate for the building and tower-based on written approvals of any authorized Structural Engineer of State/Local Bodies or any other agency authorized by the local body.
  • Copy of SACFA clearance/copy of SACFA application for the said location submitted to WPC wing of DoT with registration number as WPC acknowledgement along with undertaking that in case of any objection/rejection, TSPs/IPs will take corrective actions/remove the tower.
  • Copy of the type test certificate issued by Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) to the manufacturers of the Diesel Generator (DG) Sets.
  • Copy of Clearance from the Fire Safety Department only in case for high rise buildings where Fire Clearance is mandatory.
  • For forest protected areas, the copy of clearance from State Environment & Forest Department, if applicable.

Action by State Government/Local Body

  • Nominal one time Administrative Fee as may be decided by the State Government to recover its costs on the issue of permission for installation of tower.
  • Single Window Clearance for Telecom infrastructure deployments may be provided in a time bound manner to telecom service provider/infrastructure provider by the Local Body/State Government. This will ensure issuance of faster clearance.
  • Telecom installations are lifeline installations and a critical infrastructure in mobile communication. In order to avoid disruption in mobile communication, an essential service, sealing of BTS towers/disconnection of electricity may not be resorted to without the consent of the respective TERM Cell of DoT in respect of the EMF related issues.