About Single Window Clearance System (SWCS)

Know more about SWCS for all state Telecom infrastructure deployments.

About Single Window Clearance System

The advent of digitalization and 5G round the corner has led to a revolution in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) space coupled with rapid growth in demand for the shared resource programs across sectoral digitization viz. Finance, Healthcare, Agriculture, Transport, Urban Development majorly in smart cities for smart public service delivery and empowering governmental functions for efficient governance. A robust telecom infrastructure and efficient utilization has a multiplier impact on the state GSDP and national GDP as a whole. In this context, the Department of Information Technology and Electronics, Government of West Bengal has come up with the Single Window Clearance system (SWCS) for all Telecom infrastructure deployments or installations; which will benefit all the Telecom Service Providers and Internet Service Providers (TSP/ ISPs) to apply online along with document submission and payment provisions. In the light of these developments; this single window telecom clearance system will facilitate all the telecom applicants with faster rollout, better tracking, improving transparency, settling disputes in a time bound manner, promoting digital communication targeted towards improving technology and bandwidth deployments, reducing shadow zones, improving co-ordination between across state departments, companies and local bodies.

In order to strengthen the state’s core Information Communication Technology (ICT) Infrastructure, the State intends to further facilitate effective transformation of the Socio-Economic Scenario through accelerated equitable and inclusive economic growth by encouraging provision of quality infrastructure for connectivity and telecommunication services across the state, especially in the rural and remote areas of the State in a uniform and time bound manner.

With the above holistic view, Government of West Bengal has developed the Single Window Telecom Clearance System to provide seamless experience to the Telecom applicants to seek timely NOC for all Telecom infrastructure deployments in form of tower installation, laying of optical fiber cables and others from the authorized state departments and/ or local bodies.

Moreover, this Portal ushers a 360 degree transparency at the all levels viz. District Level, State Level and State Appellate level for monitoring the status of the Telecom applications processing thus bringing in clarity and effectiveness in the whole process and enhancing the Broadband Readiness Index (BRI) as a whole.